When you buy a Correll Press, you are buying the best!

When you buy a Correll Press, you’re buying the best!

Cider Presses


What We Do

Three Generations of Craftsmanship

What started as a hobby for Robert H. Correll, turned into a three-generation family business. In 1975, Robert V. Correll took what his father started and perfected it, creating the family business – Correll Cider Presses® – as is today. Having built over 4,250 presses, this proud legacy continues with his son Dan and Dan's wife Jill.


Our Cider Presses

Correll cider presses are available in five sizes. All Correll cider presses have wheels installed for easy transporting.



I have been interested in cider for several years, after having our first cider event using a friends two Correll presses, I knew I had to have one! Now with a Medium Plus, we will have our second cider squeeze with three Correll presses. These presses are the best complete solution I could find!
— Kevin Yeadon
Our first Correll press is a Junior with Serial #1039. It is a great Small Press that has served us well, however, as our family grew we found it couldn’t keep up with our needs by itself, so we added a Medium Plus several years later with Serial #3195. The quality of Correll Cider Presses is superb!
— Curt Blood
Great company! I met Dan at his shop, he is making our medium-sized cider press. Real wood, no plywood used for our press. Ours will be ready mid- to late November. Can’t wait! Dan let us take out a loaner, and we were shocked at how easy and nice the grinder worked for all the apples we put through it. We were thrilled to have the whole process go quickly and most of all FUN!!
— Virginia Stueve
Amazing American Craftsmanship at its finest!
— Ashley Wendell


Why choose correll cider presses®?

Each Correll cider press is custom crafted in Oregon utilizing American Eastern Ash and hand-built to an exacting design.

From grinding to squeezing, Correll Cider Presses® offers you a complete solution for creating your fresh cider.

Correll cider presses come complete with two baskets, two filter bags, and are finished with a durable food safe finish. They are mounted on wheels and have handles for easy transporting. All you need to provide are apples, juice-collecting and cider storage containers.

About Our Presses

Our Presses are the best - pure and simple!

A custom-designed hand turn pressing system allows for everyone to enjoy creating apple cider! This design insures smooth turning/squeezing even under great pressure. Up to 3.5 gallons per standard bushel of apples can be expected due to Correll-designed grinding knives that are designed to break up the juice cells, producing more juice! Other presses currently on the market average 1 to 2 gallons from the same bushel of apples.

It takes only about 5 minutes to produce Apple Cider from whole apples on any of our presses. Correll cider presses can be used to press pears or grapes, as well. Table grapes can be pressed rapidly, while slip-skin varieties (Concord or Niagara) require pressing in several stages over an hour or two, using a filter bag.